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5. After burlesque, what did former acrobat Renny von Muchow do for a living
The Answer 5
a. Circus Vargus performer
b. NY sanitation supervisor
c. photographer in a morgue
6. Specialty dancer Mimi Reed’s biggest regret
The Answer 6
a. not being a stripper
b. marrying the comic in the show
c. turning down the chance to work with Bob Hope
7. Lili st Cyr never saved money because
The Answer 7
a. she thought there would always be someone there to buy her a hamburger
b. she had a trust fund set up by brother-in-law Harold Minsky
c. she was owner of a priceless diamond necklace, she could always sell
8. When Kitty West emerged from her oyster shell on Bourbon Street
The Answer 8
a. the audience would throw real pearls at her
b. she was nude except for strategically placed seaweed
c. she had green hair